Join DNA Behavior's worldwide behavioral management revolution for Enhancing Employee and Client  relationships TO unlock human potential.

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DNA Behavior Thought Leadership Blog

Join DNA Behavior’s Worldwide Behavioral Management Revolution for Enhancing Employee and Client Relationships to Unlock Human Potential

Customer Centered, Human Behavior

How DNA Behavior
Helps Businesses

Customer Centered, Human Behavior

Become a Behaviorally Smart Business to
"Know, Engage and Grow" Your Employees
and Clients

Customer Centered, Human Behavior

Multiple DNA Behavioral Management Solutions
for Businesses

Behavior Causes Businesses
Performance Challenges

Solution: A Behaviorally Smart
Business Built on Matching

Communication Styles, Employee Communication, Know Your Customer

Our suite of DNA Behavior solutions are designed to
holistically uncover the communication styles, talents and financial decision making styles of leaders, employees, advisors and clients or customers based on extensive validated research.

Customer Centered, Human Behavior

Do You Need a Quicker and More Reliable Method to Predict How Your Leaders, Employees, Advisors and Clients Will React to Life, Business and Market Events?

Communication Styles, Employee Communication, Know Your Customer

DNA Behavior Businesses Differentiation

DNA Behavior Solutions, Family Behavior, Business Behavior, Personal Performance

Gains from Closing the
Behavior Performance Gap

DNA Behavior Solutions, Family Behavior, Business Behavior, Personal Performance

How Can DNA Behavior Help Your Firm?

Match Employees to Customers, Customer Behavior, Employee Behavior

A New Behavioral Discovery Model for Business

External research shows that our independently validated methodology for discovering natural instinctive behavior achieves a higher level of accuracy, stability and depth than traditional scoring models for predicting how people will perform across different situations and market events.

Match Employees to Customers, Customer Behavior, Employee Behavior



Our Proven behaviorally smart approach to "Know, Engage and Grow" Your Diverse Employees and Clients will unlock the growth of your business.

Sign up for a Demo to Learn More About our Behavioral Relationship Management Solutions. You will learn how to more quickly and reliably remove the guesswork from discovering the DNA Style of your leaders, employees, advisors and clients for managing behavior to build enhanced relationships and unlock human potential.

Business DNA, business performance, business coaching, leadership training

Communication DNA, customer engagement, customer behavior in CRM

Financial DNA Talent Report, Personal Performance, financial planning, financial personality

Business DNA® Discovery

(Human Capital Management)

Communication DNA® Discovery

(Client Experience Management)

Financial DNA®Discovery

(Financial Personality Management)


Financial DNA Solutions

» How Can You Use
DNA Behavior?

Get a snapshot of how businesses
are using DNA Behavior to become
behaviorally smart.

» The Platinum Standard
for Discovery

Learn more about the reliability
and validity of our platinum standard
assessment methodology for performance
development and behavioral discovery.

» Select the DNA Behavior
Solution for You

Learn about the different DNA Behavior
solutions and select the right one
for you.

» Measuring the Benefits of

Learn about the financial and
non-financial benefits of our proven
DNA Behavior methodology.

» What People Are

People from all over the world
are becoming raving advocates
for DNA Behavior. Why?

» The DNA Behavior

Discover what makes DNA Behavior
a uniquely powerful approach for
unlocking human potential.

Financial DNA Solutions