I’m Listening – Let’s Talk

In the past year, has your business learned more or less about its customers? How do you know if you’re meeting their needs to boost customer engagement?

Often we hear about businesses reducing their direct contact with customers in favor of online processes which draw on online data.

Customer Service, Service experience, customized service experence, client engagementAlmost every organization uses some type of consumer information to guide their strategic and operational decisions. As a researcher I am constantly amazed at the amount of information collected about the ‘customer’. Using social media, spending  analysis, surveys into purchasing behavior, looking at competitors to see what their customers are doing, provides untold amounts of data insight into customer behavior.

Clearly its critical to such a gathering of data to ask the right questions – but I wonder how much more could be gleaned about customers were we to simple have a conversation with them about their plans, dreams for the future, hopes, expectations and generally walking in their world and in their shoes for a short time. The key is to have such conversations on the customer’s terms so that the discovery potential is increased.

For example: financial services businesses are looking to improve customer service by creating differentiation through streamlined processes and by reducing complexity; yet the answer to restoring trust from the customers to their financial advisors might well lie, not in streamlining processes but,  in providing advisors with customer data on how best to communicate more effectively. To get going on having more customized communications, Advisors need to invest time into discovering the unique life and financial decision-making patterns that make up the financial personality and risk taking behaviors of clients for helping them achieve their quality life goals and to live with meaning.

The financial industry has been going through unprecedented turmoil; rebuilding from the ‘ruins’ needs to begin at the front line by saying…..I’m Listening – Let’s Talk and for those behind the scenes to provide customized data that supports this approach.

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