Customer Engagement Planning with your Head in the Cloud

December 10, 2012
By: Carol Pocklington

As the year ends and plans are in place for 2013 many companies will have focused heavily on where social media fits in their business and more importantly produced endless statistics to support (or not) reasons to invest in ‘more social media stuff’. The CMO’s will be all for it; the CFO will only be interested in ROI; the CTO’s will have their exclusive opinions.

Customer Engagement

I wonder where the strategic conversations will turn to… How can we attract and/or retain customers?

By now the majority of companies will have some elements of a social media some of which will be integrated with their CRM. But what actually needs to shift significantly to effectively engage customers for the long term lies not in the whizziness of the latest social media investment but more importantly in getting to know your customers communication style and matching service, advisors, product to them.

Social media is changing customer loyalty; suddenly customers have access to faster, wider rages of choices than ever before. Having the ability to track customer’s behaviors and their preferred communication style could be the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

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